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Planning the Perfect Wedding – Entertaining Your Wedding Guests.

Our Top Ten Wedding Event Entertainment Recommendations.


When you are planning the perfect wedding, there are many factors you must take into consideration, choosing your wedding dress, the grooms attire, selecting the venue and planning the food. These are just some of the key elements. Then there are the seating plans, the menus, right down to vegetarian options. Of course, it is your wedding day and you want it to be perfect!

You really do want this to be a day to be remembered, not only for yourself, but your soon to be life partner and of course your wedding guests. Providing the best wedding entertainment for your guests ensures that they too will have long lasting memories of the day for years to come. Here we look at various entertainment ideas for your wedding day and of course entertaining your wedding guests.

1. Booking a Close-up Magician.

A close-up magician is ideal for providing entertainment whilst your guests who have arrived for your special day, they can mingle with your wedding guests, displaying their prowess of card tricks, illusions even pickpocketing, (of course always returning the watch, wallet, phone etc.) They can also keep everyone amused in-between courses, this can be a great addition to your special day. Although there are some extreme cases where one or two of your guests may suffer from Rhabdophobia, which is the fear of magic and magicians, however overall they can provide some great entertainment throughout your wedding day.

  1. Hiring a Clown.

These are more for the younger guests, children and such, a fantastic way of letting their parents take a break whilst they put on a show. When booking a clown, make sure that you understand what they offer, the last thing you want is for a custard pie throwing competition or for everyone to be squirted by a fake flower. Of course, these are usually professionally orchestrated performances and provide some great laughs and all-round fun. Again, as with magicians, and possibly more common is that some of your guests may suffer from the fear of clowns, known as Coulrophobia. What we suggest is to enquire with all your guests prior to booking.

  1. Booking a Disco.

Of course, no wedding would be complete without a disco, and traditionally this is where the first dance comes into play. When booking a DJ make sure that they know what kind of music you want to be played throughout the evening, as well as the all important first dance. We suggest that doing your research on finding a good DJ pays dividends, so don’t be afraid to ask for references, also as well as the music, do you want dry ice? What kind of lighting etc.

  1. Bouncy Castles.

Bouncy castles can be great fun, the only downside to these is the amount of space that is taken up, and if they are going to be outside, they are pretty much weather dependent, unless of course your venue have sufficient space to incorporate a bouncy castle inside. And yes, these may be aimed at the younger audience, but we know from experience, they can be a popular choice with the adult guests. Especially after some celebratory wedding champagne.

  1. Hiring a Magic Mirror.

A magic mirror is the perfect entertainment for your wedding guests, it does not take up much space and can be installed virtually anywhere and will provide hours and hours of fun for both young and old.  When you hire a magic mirror from Photography Booths you choose the best magic mirror package to suit your wedding day. And with large and multi-shots, unlimited prints and social media uploads, this makes it a perfect wedding event choice, and you can even add your own personalisation using the signature feature to make it even more unique and special to your perfect wedding day. To find out about our magic mirror hire packages, visit https://photographybooths.co.uk/magic-mirror-hire/

  1. Hiring a Photobooth

A photobooth is a fantastic way of providing entertainment for your wedding guests. Not only is it something that allows them to capture their own memories but with state of the art photobooths. (Of which we supply), they can even record their very own video messages for you on your perfect day. We even offer a karaoke option, and all guests can get prints on the day as well as access all the photos indefinitely after the event. Why choose a photobooth? Set up is quick, they don’t take up a lot of space and can provide entertainment throughout the day. As well as keepsakes not only in the form of prints but accessible online. Here at Photography Booths we offer a range of Photobooths for hire. You can see our available packages here. https://photographybooths.co.uk/photo-booth-hire/

  1. Hiring a Comedian

This possibly could be the riskiest choice of entertainment, you want your comedian to appeal to all your guests, young and old. Of course, doing your due diligence, reading reviews and acquiring references is the best route to go. The last thing you want is hire someone who offends someone or just isn’t quite funny. Having said that there are some great comedians out there that will have everyone in stitches as opposed to the very few who will just inspire images of tumbleweed rolling across the desert.

  1. Booking a Chocolate Fountain / Sweet Cart.

A hit with all chocolate lovers and those with a sweet tooth. A chocolate fountain with a choice of fruits and marsh mellows allow guests to indulge in this calorific treat. One of the downsides for this is the potential for mess. Young children with melted chocolate and dresses do not tend to mix. Of course, as long as it is well supervised, a great addition to your day. Along with this, a lot of companies also offer a selection of sweets for both the old and the young. From retro sweets such as love hearts, flying saucers to gobstoppers and truffles. Here at Photography Booths we can offer you a Sweet Cart as an addition to either your Photobooth or Magic Mirror Hire, and we can even dress it to match your wedding theme making it the perfect wedding event accompaniment to your special day. Our sweet cart comes with a selection of sweets such as chocolate, liquorice, love hearts, wine gums, midget gems, dolly mix and bon bons. All lovingly wrapped in traditional red and white sweet bags and tied with a red ribbon. We also dress your wedding sweet cart with wedding related props to add that extra special touch.

  1. Child Friendly Giant Games.

We use the term ‘Child’ loosely as these can be just as much fun for both young and old. Hiring a giant Jenga set, or an oversized Connect 4, will provide oodles of fun and occupy your wedding guests and their children as well as providing some light-hearted competition. What we do recommend if you are going to choose child friendly giant games is to have a good selection, this way everyone can join in, especially if the adults commandeer one of the games for a little bit of healthy competition.

  1. Hiring a Wedding Face Painter.

Hiring a wedding face painter is a great way of letting the children ‘dress up’ as their favourite animals or characters, but it doesn’t just stop there, if you hire the right face painter and make up artist they can also provide their services to adults, so it doesn’t have to stop at lions and tigers and bears, maybe your bridesmaids want matching facial ‘tattoos’ or matching futuristic designs. It certainly is worth considering the options here and shopping around for someone who can provide a full package is worthwhile.

Whatever your choice of entertainment for your wedding guests, whether you choose one or two, or more. We strongly recommend doing your due diligence before booking. Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your money. Make certain they are suitable for your venue and consult with them. (It has been known to happen for instance, where a bouncy castle has been hired, and finding out on the day they do not have permission to put it up in the venue grounds.)  Make sure you have everything in black and white before the day, ensure there are no hidden costs and you understand what you are getting for your money. This way it ensures that not only will your day go without a hitch (With the exception of you and your partner being hitched.) and that your wedding day entertainment is a blast.